April 11th, 2010

cass, can you not

History: now in 3D!

I just finished a book on the history of Malta, with an special focus on WWII. I've never heard of one, but I'm sure there's some big, famous WWII movie about Malta somewhere, and if there isn't, there should be: medieval architecture, an awfully long and intense bombing campaign (including weddings that kept going during bombing raids, and a bomb that fell right through the top of a huge dome in a church, took down a wall, but didn't explode), a couple of very kickass, famous-in-their-time sieges in the past to provide context, a direct impact on the larger WWII strategic situation (basically, Malta made possible the raids that made difficult the supplying of Rommel's forces, which was the critical factor that prevented him from taking Suez and cutting off the Allies from the oil fields), and a nail-biting final sequence with the military viability of the islands depending on a single oil tanker, the US tanker Ohio, that, according to this book, was so damaged by air attacks that it could only reach harbor after a lot of naval heroics and literally propped between two other ships, and sank while they were pumping its cargo out of it (no, they didn't stop when it was sunk).

This has Bruckheimer written all over it, doesn't it?