March 26th, 2010

cass, can you not

Comics! (Unrelated Chocolate Cravings Edition)

Supergod #3: As most Ellis comics, it's basically a long illustrated Ellis rant. It gets annoyingly preachy at times, but can also be interestingly weird.

Batman Streets Of Gotham #10: I think this time the book is definitely earning its name. There's no justification for Gotham being how it is for JLA!Batman, but for the Batman of the streets, the one with just good contemporary technology, Gotham is battlefield, hell, and home. We keep forgetting that he's just a guy, and Gotham is more than a city.

Superman Batman #70: Case in point. This Batman is an insane tactician with access to all sorts of alien-level hypertech; enough to dangerously meddle with the late echoes of a freaking Kryptonian-level war. He has to be very seriously disturbed to be that good and not have cleaned up Gotham.

Various Siege comics: Siege is better than I thought it would be, because frankly no-one is giving a damn about Asgard. All the side comics are rightly focusing on the characters, and mostly in a relatively satisfying way. I still don't care (Marvel has never been an universe I felt emotionally connected to), but I think it's a bit better than the last DC events, not that's a very high bar. Also: Pym has ten fucking billion robots. He's kind of like Galactus: he causes untold destruction and suffering, but we are expected to believe that it's ultimately for the greater good.

Prelude To Deadpool Corps #4: I'm getting Deadpool fatigue. It's not his fault. He's being forced into a role he's not very comfortable with, and that necessarily cramps his style.
cass, can you not

Original Fic: Justice (PG13)

Title: Justice

There can be no afterlife without God. But there still had to exist some sort of retribution. Some balance, even after He left.

I see you don't understand; that's natural. You still haven't done most of the things your nightmares are punishment for.