March 4th, 2010

cass, can you not

A repost in protest of you know what

(I wrote this three and a half years ago. I still stand by it.)

Another week, another million-dollar assassination contract fulfilled.

"Mommy!" The young kid ran toward her mother and hugged her. After the kill itself, coming back home was the best part of any job.

"Baby! Have you been a good girl with Timmy?"

"Yep," said Lian. "We played with the dinos and we made cake and he let me press the buttons on the computer."

"My god. Have you helped Timmy launder funds for your mommy then?"

"Yes!" Lian clapped. Lauder funds sounded funny, whatever it was. "When I grow up, I wanna be an assassin like you and a babysitter like Tim and a assistant and a cook." She thought for a second. "And an astronaut."

Her mom hugged her, assuring her that she could be anything she wanted to be. Lian giggled.