February 18th, 2010

cass, can you not

Comics! (Generally Awesome in Every Reality Edition)

Batman #696: Dick is Batman. In many senses early-Batman, but in others he has more experience and better support than Batman had at his age.

Dark Avengers #14: For all of Norman's faults, moral and psychological, he has a way of dealing with difficult-to-deal-with people (e.g., the simultaneously insane and nearly omnipotent) that is impressive and in many ways superior to that of the good guys. Everybody's waiting (or operating) for the Goblin to appear and fuck him, but that makes Norman something of a tragic figure. The Green Goblin is as much of a handicap as Tony's alcohol problem. Norman is a despicable guy, but he's also ill, and it has become quite painful to see him being set up to be brought down, to a large degree, by his illness.

Black Widow Deadly Origins #4: I'm not familiar with any of the characters, but even so I mumbled a hearty fuck you, Marvel. I swear, we are two origin series away from discovering that Aunt May has been the true power behind the Kingpin all along.

Deadpool Merc With a Mouth #8: Wade is something of a tactical genius (and if you don't believe me, REMEMBER THE CHICKEN). In fact, his Bugs Bunny approach to combat makes a lot of sense, considering his assets and liabilities. He can afford to try things because he survives when they don't work, so his "keep trying increasingly violent and/or bizarre things until the enemy dies" approach is a sensible one, and he's a terrifyingly creative person within his own areas of interest.

Superman/Batman #69: Some people go to war with armies. Some people go to war with superpowers. But Clark leans toward overkill and goes to war with superpowers and Bruce. Bruce is one of the unsung metaversal geniuses of 4GW, and if he ever outgrows his fixation with martial arts and crime and decides to forge himself an army and play at the big leagues, he could wipe out Ra's for breakfast and conquer New Krypton by the afternoon.
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