January 28th, 2010

cass, can you not

Comics! (Six Words Edition)

Irredeemable #10: Tony keeps losing it. Others, too.

Batman and Robin #7: Plan can't work. It's too logical.

Dark Reign Hawkeye #5: Deadpool's flashbacks lied? Still, Bullseye's badass.

Fantastic Four #575: Underworld's edge: an awesome visual, indeed.

G.I. Joe Cobra II #1: Two brothers? Evil organization? That's Kobra!

X-Factor 201: Evil fake Richardses — hard to spot.

Punisher #13: Deeply weird concept. Drugs or dare?

Daredevil #504: Angry Matt with ninja army: run!

X-Men Legacy #232: JLA has protocols for this shit.
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