January 15th, 2010

cass, can you not

A quick SGA reminder

Ah, a series for which you had to tell the protagonist John, do NOT TOUCH the glowing alien fungus!

John Sheppard: way more nu!Kirk than old school!Kirk. Although the glowing alien fungus didn't kick nearly enough crap out of John for him to replicate nu!Kirk's unique leadership style ("annoy people until they pay attention to you, keep annoying them until they try to kill you, and then annoy them some more until you get your way" --- although classic!Spock has a metric ton of knowledge inside his shiny Vulcan brain, I'm sure they are going to send the Enterprise on a five year exploration mission anyway, if nothing else to have the brat somewhere far, far away).

I'm sure somewhere there's bratswap crossover fic with Episode II!Anankin and nu!Kirk.