January 7th, 2010

cass, can you not

Comics! (The Danger of the Orderly Mind)

Red Robin #8: Woot! On Tim, just before a Quick Epic Fight: Quoth the Demon-Head: "Look behind his eyes. He has already won." And that was before Tim pulled a Double Bruce. *is proud* (There was no explicit mention of Oracle among Tim's mentors,, but I didn't need one...)

Deadpool Team-Up #897: The way Wade pulls people into his own warped reality is still awesome. (You know, one day I will write that Deadpool == Hamlet post instead of pestering you all with the notion; but Wade does share with Hamlet a way of making almost everyone else look like a fictional character when he interacts with them.)

Siege - Embedded #1: A bit formulaic at places, but more interesting than Siege #1. This is how Osborn will be brought down.

Siege #1: I've come to feel that the larger the crossover event, the less likely I am to enjoy it. Give me twenty-two pages about a single character, not a hundred pages about a hundred characters... That said, I like Ares very much, and not only because the way in which he makes an entrance. He has become one of my favorite characters, and I have a sudden yen for an Ares/Amadeus team-up (I mean, just think about the possibilities...)
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