December 5th, 2007

cass, can you not

Notes not quite a fic

There exist mimetic civilizations, those that have learned to hide and erase themselves from maps and the historic record. It's a difficult thing to do, but you only need to do it once, and the discipline to keep to the ground.

There are also hidden wars between these civilizations, deaths in battle disguised as illness, accidents, and fate.

There existed empires whose names were never spoken aloud.
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cass, can you not

Original Fic: Silent

I want to meet you, he typed.


At least me let call you.

Don't. You said you wouldn't.

That was before I fell in love with you.

I want you to keep loving me. You listen to me. I don't want that to change.

It won't.

But she was a mermaid, and she knew she couldn't compete with her own voice. He figured out her address anyway, and died on his way there in a traffic accident.

She sang her grief over the rain, and his voice singing back in the wind was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard. The most enticing.


For mosellegreen.