October 15th, 2007

cass, can you not

Misc update

What I haven't done: posted any fic during the last couple of days. First time this year I fail to do so, but RL has been exceedingly complicated on a couple of fronts, and my meager emotional resources have been deployed elsewhere.

What I have done: Watched the entirety of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The only reason why I found it great but not mind-blowing is that I've already been exposed to similar work, including the Ghost in the Shell: Man-Machine Interface manga, which is still one of my favorite comics ever. Had I seen this a few years ago, I'd be raving about the tight universe, the clever continuity, the lust-inducing technology, and the kick-ass nature of the characters.

Also, last night had a long, involved dream, including a dream-inside-a-dream, and me as Rodney visiting his ex-wife to get her into a plot to get somebody to date his grandmother. I only mention it because at one point his ex-wife told him not to worry, that he'd come up with something from the same place where his maths always come from, and Rodney looked into a mirror all soulfully and said "Jim. Jim always helped me with my emotions." Of course, Jim = James T. Kirk, which means I've probably read one too many jokes about Sheppard and alien princesses.