July 13th, 2007

cass, can you not

In awesome news

In a day just like this one (except probably with thundering skies and similar portents) was born thete1[1]. Neither the DCU nor our brains have ever fully recovered, nor would wish to.

As a more specific and personal note, I owe her for two big things: getting me into LJ (and thus getting to meet you), and -as far as I'm concerned- creating an specific sort of character and an specific style of story that is perhaps the purest expression of many of the things I love, dread and/or need like oxygen and bearable canon.

*realizes this got quite long, waves 'happy birthday' and sort of dives away*

[1] I assume. She's far too good at identity porn and Bat-thinking for me to fully commit to any assertion other than the obvious 'she rules.'
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