May 2nd, 2007

cass, can you not

Ficlet: 372 (Oracle, PG13, Prompt #19: Caught in the form of limitation)

Title: 372
Fandom: DC Comics
Prompt: #19, Caught in the form of limitation.
Word Count: About two hundred and fifty.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: DC Comics owns all characters involved. Not that Oracle pays too much attention to things like that.
Summary: With hindsight, it all makes sense.
Author Notes: Katarik's fault. That's all I'm saying.

The girl who had chosen five minutes ago to be called Misfit was practically vibrating against the energy transfer pads attached to her skin. "Can I go now? C'mon, I'm growing old here!"

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cass, can you not

Done. Sorta. For now.

That last pair of fics are the last ones of my philosophy_20 Oracle challenge. I'm thinking of it as a qualified non-disaster. I didn't have as much fun as I had with Lex, or the same feeling of understanding what the character is about.

Besides my (heh) technical limitations, I'd say that most difficulties for me in this challenge came from the fact that Oracle was developed in canon in a way that, I think, makes little use of the potential of the premise. Most of the time, Oracle either sends her operatives to rescue-and-or-destroy missions, or provides information services to the Bats and the League. "Worse" (from the point of view of the poor chump trying to write fic about Oracle), it's in most relevant senses Barbara who does these things. It's not about what she is or isn't capable of; it's what we are shown she does, and why, and how.

On the other hand, maybe that's what Oracle wants us to know. *g*

Anyway, behind the first cut is the table of prompts and links to fics.

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Also, as you probably realized, the titles of the fics are the codes of categories from the Dewey Decimal System. Below the second cut I pasted a list of those categories, with links to their fic.

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And... that's it. Hope you liked them.