April 24th, 2007

cass, can you not

Fic: 399 (Oracle, PG13, Prompt #15: Infinity)

Title: 399
Fandom: DC Comics
Prompt: #15, Infinity
Word Count: About a hundred and fifty.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: DC Comics owns all characters involved. Not that Oracle pays too much attention to things like that.
Summary: There's no such thing as a guaranteed happy ending.
Author Notes: A sequel to 378 and 516; this will make no sense -and have no point- without them. Many thanks to katarik for beta and help.

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cass, can you not

Sometimes we forget, but we are living in the future.

We live in a time when finding exoplanets has become a near-routine thing for astronomers. Think about that for a second. We are now officially used to the idea of being able to detect planets from light-years away.

It's the second most mind-blowing thought I've had all day.

The most mind-blowing thought I've had all day?

They have found an exoplanet in the habitable zone. Only five Earth masses, possibly rocky, capable of harboring liquid water. A mean temperature between 0 and 40 Celsius.

People. That's fucking... that's fucking awesome. Suddenly, the parameters of the Drake Equation start looking a hell of a lot more interesting.

The star is called Gliese 581.

I want to make another comment, but I'm just here gesticulating, trying to find the words. It's not as obviously history-changing as actually finding extraterrestrial life. But it's the path there. We didn't knew if there were any exoplanets. We know there are many. We didn't knew if there were extrasolar habitable planets. Now we have found another one (and two means there are probably lots).

We've found another planet. I don't care if it turns out it has a toxic atmosphere, I don't care if it's more sterile than Adrian Monk's cutlery.

The universe looks a hell of a lot more interesting tonight.