April 21st, 2007

cass, can you not

You profilic people scare me.

[lack of perspective]

You know what bothers me? When you are done with a story, but the minimum length is a hundred words, so you have to add twenty-five words somewhere but you don't see how and... *frets*.

Bugger. I'm going to need a B plot.

[unhinged rant]
Before you notice it, I'll be writing a bloody seven-books epic fantasy series about two vampires who are drawn into a murderous plot when the Vampire King attempts to kill his human stepson, who has found out that the Vampire King killed his father to wed his ex-vampire hunting mother. By biting his ear with a poisoned fang during a threesome (with Van Helsing Senior, if you must absolutely know).

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Very, Very Dead, I will call the first book. And the chapters will be titled with the pairing fanserviced, for easy reference: R/G implied, R/H, R/H/VK, VK/G dubious con, R/G.

There'll be two characters named 'Hurt' and 'Comfort', and there'll be no subtext between them at all. *slightly manic evil laughter*

Also, there'll be a magic cockring. I mean, it'll be an epic fantasy series. I have no choice.

[/unhinged rant]
[/lack of perspective]