March 26th, 2007

cass, can you not


Saw Ghost Rider. I didn't get bored, but I didn't enjoy it much, either. I suspect Cage is at his best in the self-deprecating scenes, and doesn't do so well when it's time for a little gravitas. The plot didn't help.

Nonetheless, there's so much fanfic about this movie that could be written! For example,

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Well written, Ghost Rider 2 could, should be one scary psychological thriller. There isn't a chance in hell, of course (and anyway it wouldn't follow the ethos of the comic).
cass, can you not

What the hell have I gotten myself into this time?

You know, this is truly katarik's fault. You should do a challenge about Oracle, she said. Not Barbara Gordon, Oracle.


I should have thought it twice before going with it. The Barbara/Oracle dynamic is a much different one than, say, Bruce/Batman or Tim/Robin. It's less insane, more deliberate, more mature, while still being deeply fucked up. You can't really split Barbara into Babs and Oracle, neither in her mind nor in the way she interacts with other people.

But you can -or at least I hope as hell you can, because that's what I'm going to try to do- sit in Oracle's chair and look at the whole, messy thing from there. (This is also why I decided to do a philosophy_20 instead of a pysch_30; both are going to be difficult as hell, but Oracle, in my mind, is less a separate psychological entity than a mode of being, if that makes sense).

Maybe I'll get to fill one slot with Defense in Depth. It seems like it'd fit at least half of the prompts.

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