March 7th, 2007

cass, can you not

Must. Keep. Fannish. Discipline. Must. Keep. Fannish. Discipline.

(Those of you who know the utter chaos that are my academic, personal, and professional lives, feel free to mock.)

Barring emergencies or a higher-than-usual frequency of must-write bunnies, I'm more or less twenty days away from finishing my Dexter psych_30 challenge. Twenty days isn't that much, and I love Dex and his insane family/coworkers/city, but I've found myself considering how much it'd stress my schedule to speed things up and finish all Dexter ficlets this week so I can jump into my next psych_30 challenge (yes, part of me is asking "are you insane?").

Writing those thirty fics for the character I have in mind is going to be so hard. Tone, topics, point of view, I have no idea of how I'll deal with those or avoid writing the same story again and again. Canon is going to be necessary, and yet not very useful. Or, you know, probably at all.

This is going to be so much fun I can hardly wait.

(Of course, in the end I decided that, no, I won't screw up my work schedule so I can write eight ficlets and eight original shorts in five days, no matter how much fun -and how eminently doable, all things considered- that'd be. I wonder if this is what adulthood means?[1])

[1] Nah.