February 8th, 2007

cass, can you not

Wherein I scratch my head over days-old news

So. Britney's ex has claimed she is into threesomes, lesbian orgies and porn.

And he said it as if it were a negative. He was complaining.

Unnamed Gods of the Regions Beyond the Stars. I can feel my mind slowly unraveling as it tries to comprehend the dreadful non-euclidean geometry of this statement.
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cass, can you not

And now that I'm spamming....

A few hours ago I watched again L&O: CI's Blind Spot. It had John Glover, so of course it was awesome, but... Geez. That scene at the end, Bobby and Jo talking?

That was perfect. Just - perfect. Smooth and low-key and just right, and the detail in what they said and how they said it...

Needlessly to say, Goren and Eames are my favorite pair of TV detectives *ever*. They'd solve the X-Files' entire plot in three episodes. If they were MiB, Kay would want their autographs. Hannibal Lecter has Bobby nightmares, and Eames would make Holmes stammer and hit him with his violin when he acted like a dick.

*fangirls, knows that he's fangirling, keeps doing it anyway*

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