January 1st, 2007

cass, can you not

And... Operation Two Thousand and Seven is a GO.

So far this year: spent all night talking about science, politics and porn with my best friend, slept too few hours, had lunch with my family.

I think I can make this 2007 thing work.

A happy New Year to all of you. It's going to be a bumpy, strange ride.
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cass, can you not

Fic: Hostage Negotiation (Asimov's Robotverse, PG13, Yuletide)

My Yuletide fic! I'm quite proud of how it worked out and of the feedback it got. I'm told it seemed to match the source well; as I'm often worried about being too settled in the kind of stories I usually write, I'm very happy I could pull off imitating somebody else's style. Besides, my very first science-fiction book was a collection of short stories by Asimov, and I can honestly say that few things have shaped my childhood -and, by implication, all of my life- more than his work.

Title: Hostage Negotiation
Fandom: Isaac Asimov's Robotverse
Rating: PG13
Summary: Understanding is a three-edged sword (if you'll excuse the cross-fandom reference).
Author Notes: My Yuletide 2006 fic, as written for tallulah71. Many, many thanks to ringspells and Guido for their way-above-average beta skills.

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cass, can you not

Yuletide Awesomeness, now with names!

I squeed -and trust me, given the awesome quality of what I got it was remarkably self-restrained squee- over my Yuletide gifts here.

In alphabetical order...

The absolutely stunning Cleopatra's Needle was written by fuschia. It wasn't only an awesome Yuletide gift to get, and way above what I had any right to expect: it pretty much blew the limits of what I had ever seen it done within that fandom, and imagery-wise, it's one of the most beautiful fics I've ever read, period.

Ennui, which is a *very* precise and insightful Poirot story, even if -specially as- nothing much happens, was written by tigerbright as a stocking stuffer. I can't thank her enough; as far as I'm concerned, that's but another of the reasons why she rocks.

Last but not least, The Seventh Wave is... You see, much as I liked a of the visuals of the Aeon Flux movie, the so-called "science" was so bad that it jarred me as I watched it. But st_aurafina fixes everything in a way that works. I might be biased because it's written so wonderfully and humanly, with an eye to details the movie skipped over, but it works for me. This is poetic fic, magic fic, and it's even source-fixing fic. What more can anybody ask for?
cass, can you not

I'm currently reading a Harry Potter book for the first time ever

(Yes, I'm weird.)

If you've read Calvin and Hobbes, my conclusion after about half of Book One: Hermione==Susan, and the book would be funnier if Harry were Calvin.

I can just picture him rubbing his hands together. "Unlimited power! The world is mine! Bwahahahahah!" He'd be *so* cross to be fated to be a good guy... Plus, imagine *Calvin* with magic. He has the precise mix of imagination and disregard for studying that'd make him a very, very dangerous wizard to everybody around.

Also, he'd be the only one with a walking, talking tiger big cat as his companion animal. And he'd be sent about thrice a week to talk with Dumbledore, who'd have lots and lots of second thoughts.

Maybe Voldemort couldn't kill the boy because he was *worse* than him...