December 21st, 2006

cass, can you not

Is 2007 the year where my mind finally goes boink?

Very likely.

I've just had a fully grown, completely insane bunny drop on me out of the blue: A Dexter / Shawn of the Dead (or alternatively, Dexter / 28 Days Later) crossover. The important thing would be Dexter living in a zombified world or city, the last "normal" human.

Do you have any idea of how *happy* he would feel? He has said so in canon: he'd love nothing more than to be the last human being on Earth. No longer hiding. Free. Zombies... zombies would be an inconvenience, but nothing that'd scare Dexter or put him off. Besides, there's all the meta about what it means to be human, etc.

Anyway, Happy!Dexter Zombie Apocalypse fic. Or Dexter in a vampirized world (a la Vincent Price). I'd like to read that, too. Also, Dexter's World: The Musical. I think these fics should have musical versions.

Of course, I also happen to think that there should be a "Once More With Feeling" canon Dexter episode. The feelings theme. Dexter's voiceover. Maybe everybody falls into song but Dexter until the end?

ETA: Job #2's insane politics are firing up again. It's an unholy mixture of organized flamewar, paranoid conspiracy accusations, ad hominem shit-throwing and malignant rumor spreading that is *designed* to stress the fuck out of me.

Last year, the stress I kept unexpressed almost killed me. Not this time. This time, I shall rain flaming death over any and all bastards that so much as send me impolite mail.

ETA'd mood: For I Have Become Death, Yo.