December 15th, 2006

cass, can you not

In lieu of fic

It's scary how well would Dexter fit in Torchwood. Competent specialist with a taste for the strange and his own personal issues? Check! In a world filled with aliens and ugly weird things, wouldn't you want on your side you somebody as detached and capable as Dexter?

I mean, rather than having him at your back.

Of course, the general pattern of sociopath+human simulation heuristics (and, boy, Blindsight is Dexter at light speed) can be applied to a lot of settings. Dexter as a priest? Dexter as a doctor? (also known as "somebody please take the scary image away from me"), Dexter as Amanda Waller's pet covert sociopath, Dexter as profiler....

I'm actually extremely fond of the latter idea, for both plotty and shallow reasons. Dexter raised by a forensic psychologist, working among top-notch profilers that know, of course, he's a sociopath, but can't prove he has killed anybody. Perhaps he gets his kicks jailing other sociopaths, proving he could be the best. Perhaps he has killed already. Perhaps he might in some future, and it's better to keep him under close surveillance anyway.

I'd *so* love that variant of Criminal Minds.