December 6th, 2006

cass, can you not


Oh, Torchwood. You are my favoritest awesome amoral all-creepy-all-the-time bumbling oblivious wannabe MIBs fuckups ever. EVER.

And, Dexter? There isn't a single character in the show that isn't somehow fucked up bad, and Dexter is still the most adorable serial killer ever. He's what happens if you cross a teddy bear with Hannibal Lecter's DNA and give him a nice shirt and a weird parental unit.

I'm not even asking if there is fanfic with Dexter working for Torchwood. In my deepest of hearts, I know there must be. C'mon, Torchwood didn't know about that thing in the first story! Or what was going on in their own basement! Or... You get my point. Dexter could dismember people in Jack's office and they wouldn't even *know*. Hell, he'd probably be their Token Sane Person.

Seriously. I bitched about Torchwood being so *bad* as a team, but once you embrace the Dark and Bumbling Around Being Amoral And Having Sex Side, it's loads of loads of fun. I'm not sure how many bad things they weren't actually responsible for in the first place they have stopped so far, but I've come to understand that it's not the point of the series.

ETA: Two cases out of eight eps weren't Torchwood's own doing: Small Worlds and Countrycide. In all the others, they enabled like whoa everything that happened. Go Team Torchwood!