November 14th, 2006

cass, can you not

Lord King Bad Fake Solicitation

His name is Tim Drake. He was a hero, until his girlfriend and his best friend died in wars triggered by the cape community's hypocrisy and manipulation.

Her name is Rose Wilson. She followed a voice in her head that told her to become the best assassin in the world, until she realized whose voice it was.

Her name is Cassandra Cain. She was shaped by her mother and her two fathers for three different purposes, until she became tired of fighting in other people's terms.

She thinks of herself as Lena Luthor. Betrayed by her father and discarded by her creator, she has the body of an android, the mind of a genius... and trust in nobody.

His name is Hiro Okamura. He only had two friends in his life. One is dead, and the other has just made him an offer he wouldn't even consider refusing.

They don't live in a T-shaped building. They don't have a League callsign. Nobody knows where they are, and they prefer it that way.

They are Runaways.

Because when your mentor is the most dangerous thing in your life, it's time to run away.