October 26th, 2006

cass, can you not

This wouldn't happen if I were properly supervised

Just claimed Dexter at psych_30. Apparently, pretty banners overpower what little I have of will. *facepalms*

In more interesting news, it looks like darkdanc3r is going to write Tim for psych_30. More Tim fics! Yay!

PS: If you had a Superman/Batman Annual you could email me, you'd brighten my day. And I'd write you a ficlet if you wanted me to.
cass, can you not

ficlet: Adaptive Algorithms (DCU/Dexter mashup, PG13)

Title: Adaptive Algorithms
Fandom: DC Comics
Prompt: Phrases #11, Fall from grace
Word Count: About 200
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me; it's the other way around.
Summary: Sanity and adequacy aren't necessarily correlated.
Rating: PG13
Notes: DC AU. This is something like a Timfinity story --- and also a Dexter-ish one. Consider it a warning. Dedicated to razorsmile, who wondered why I hadn't written this before.

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cass, can you not


With that last fic I have finished the 10_inspirations challenge. Didn't make a table, but they are all tagged anyway.

Since I've had my swashbucklathon fic written and betaed for a long time, I currently have no challenge I need to write fic for (I still have to get the Aye/Nay on my Dexter psych_30 claim before I can start writing for it).

New rule: one challenge at a time. These things are tempting and time consuming enough as it is.