September 11th, 2006

cass, can you not

Here's what I think is happening

An alternate universe is subverting Earth-1 by replacing heroes with their counterparts, who were supposed to pretend to be the originals but are mostly too unstable and cracked up to play the role very well for long.

Cassandra Cain was replaced by Alexandra Cain, a courtesan/assassin educated and sold by Cain to Earth-?'s Lex Luthor.

J'onn has been replaced by R'okk, a green martian who chose to freeze himself in an stasis field to escape what he considered the decadence of the Martian civilization, only to find a future where his species had died and monkeys ran all over the third planet, pretending to be sentient.

Tim has been replaced by a Tim who never went through Robin 120 and never fell in love with Steph, so the poor bastard still, mostly, trusts Bruce. He thinks this Earth *rules*.

Bruce has figured this out, but can't bring himself to care.
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