August 27th, 2006

cass, can you not

New icons that I'll almost never use

I've got as much of a handle on the art of LJing with multiple userpics as I have on the art of fugue, i.e., none. Besides, "talk to the hand"/"can we stop this day right now?"-Cass and I have a *thing*, whereupon I try to express my feelings in pictorial form... and there she is. Never fails.

On the other hand, the talented wearmyhat posted a bunch of SGA icons from Progeny here, and, well, I'm only human. So, in the category of Userpics that I might never use because I'm way too lazy, the made up captions version:

Rodney is telling John how he strangled/would strangle somebody. John doesn't look convinced.

John trying to read fanfic over Rodney's shoulder, or "No, really, what are you writing?" Might work as my unnamed novella icon (I need a title, dammit!).

John has just had a very bad idea. He's going to realize how bad it was by the end of the episode, but right now he's *very* enthusiastic about it. Judging from his face, it has to do with things that fly, things that explode, or cafeteria food. Probably my new "Why doesn't anybody stop me when I say these things?" userpic. Not that I've ever needed one.
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