August 19th, 2006

cass, can you not

Rhetorical Question Time

SG-1: Why can't Stargate writers be this fun and creative when they are writing the non-spoof episodes, I wonder?

Why is the first season of the old "Twilight Zone" so much better than most of what came afterward on TV?

How come Jet Li came across as so boring and flat in "The One," but was much better in "Tai Chi Masters" and "Fearless"?

There is already Snakes on a Plane fic somewhere, isn't it? NC-17.

(Yes, I've been overdosing on media today, why do you ask?)

ETA: After mainlining the Dilbert animated series: It's way better -and more oppresive in its faithful if hyperbolic representation of corporate work- than the strip. I need to have made a Keyser Soze works for Dogbert t-shirt.

ETA: The Big O. Picture Bruce Wayne working as the top negotiatior in a city where everybody lost their memories years ago. At the closing of the first ep, he has a kick-ass car (of course), a butler with an eyepatch, a young female android for a client, and, when he needs to, he drives a giant robot. *So* count me in.

ETA: SGA: *yawns*. For real.
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