August 16th, 2006

cass, can you not

ficlet: Long bad dreams (SGA, PG13)

I shouldn't. But for reasons unrelated to fandom, and through nobody's fault but mine, I'm feeling lonely, hurt and pissed off with myself right now. Could use talking with a friend, but the person I'd usually call... alas, that's the rub.

In other words, the *perfect* mood to write an impromptu SGA runner ficlet.

Title: Long bad dreams
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Cf. my emoting above. The chances of this being a happy fic? Not good.

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cass, can you not

fic: On the Stamina of Love and Hate

Title: On the Stamina of Love and Hate
Fandom: DC Comics
Prompt: Words #14, leitmotif: a dominant and recurring theme
Word Count: 136
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me; it's the other way around.
Summary: Had you been paying attention, you'd have known.
Author's Notes: A follow-up to an scene in Superman #655, wont't make much sense if you haven't been following Superman. Probably AU, but who knows?

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