July 26th, 2006

cass, can you not

In further news

I've just spent two hours downloading and installing a video editor (why a video editor needs a piece of *mozilla* code?!), solely so I could cut everything but the first twenty seconds or so and the last forty of the Global Frequency pilot.

Blah blah blah The Global Frequency is real then cool video map with people answering their phones then Aleph turns around 'You are on the Global Frequency' cue bitching music.

It's pretty much as far as my vidding skills go right now, but I like it.

PS: Preliminary statistical analysis suggests that all Rodney McKay vids set to a frantic music are awesome by default.
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cass, can you not

A very short original ficlet

OR: Why I don't like being alone in my own head, sometimes.

Warning: It might not make any sense.

* * *
Subject: Please Help

In the name of GOD, the MERCIFUL. My name is Ayasa Mogaji. My father WILLIAM MOGAJI was former manager of Bank of Nigeria, killed by political opinions in May 2006. He left USD 1,000,000 in account for my mother and myself, but cannot take it out of the country on account of the government's vigilance. Need your kind assistance to move funds out of the country. Please reply with details of bank account. We need your help to get money and ourselves out of Nigeria.

* * *
Why doesn't anybody help us?

I don't know, mother.