July 21st, 2006

cass, can you not

Extremely short non-spoilery reviews

Cable/Deadpool 30: Wade explains Marvel's Civil War. It almost makes sense this time. I'd say that it was actually the best issue in CW, but it's Cable/Deadpool - you already knew that. Tight continuity, great interaction, whopassing by the ton, non-stop humor.

52 Week 11: And DC put the Question and Montoya together, and lo, they saw they had chemistry. And they threw in Batwoman, just for the heck of it. Then Crisis stuff happened that I'm not really tracking.

JLA #0: Retcons and futures. Cracky retcons. Sweet retcons. Dark futures. Weird futures. The Big Three being assess, the Big Three being cool. *shrugs* We'll pick what we like and ignore the rest, as usual.

Legion 20: The Legion is being played with *again*. In for once unrelated news, Brainy goes on with his hobby.

Superman/Batman 28: Pretty pictures. Crazy things happen that don't make much sense. Par for the course.
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cass, can you not


Somebody, sometime in the past few days, has posted somewhere a couple of scans with Ollie entering Bruce's office and telling him to leave him alone (this was back in the time, I think, so they were both kind of young). Bruce was wearing a much commented upon mauve shirt.

But I can't find that post! *pouts*

I sort of need to see that post again, for reasons that might become clear later. Pray that they don't.

Anyway... help? I can offer as dubious payment a drabbleish ficlet on any DC pairing or topic if you want.

ETA: Found it!
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