April 18th, 2006

cass, can you not

Comica Obscura

Love. Love, love, love. Comica Obscura is one of the purest manifestations of everything great in fandom, and right now I'm in love with the world. Except for the May 15th deadline. Can it be October?

Notes on my requests, in the off chance that you - yes, you- got the short end of the stick.

Lady Shiva (Batverse):
Why I love her: Her peace of mind. Her sense of humor. Her utter balance. How much ass she kicks. The fact that she used to fight in civilian clothes.
Where she shines the most IMHO: The old The Question issues. The mentoring/tormenting role she plays in Vic's life is a thing of beauty by itself. Highly recommended.

Ibn al-Ghul (DC Misc):
Why I love him: He is Bruce Wayne's son, raised by Ra's to take over his empire. And yet he's not *quite* deranged. He's a drama queen, he's hot as hell, he has a mind like a steel trap, guts to spare and a way with words (and swords, and edgy things in general). What's not to love?
Where he shines the most IMHO: The Kingdom sequels to Kingdom come, no question about that (make sure to pick up the issues about individual characters, not just the "group" issues).

Lucius Fox (DC Misc):
Why I love him: He is a business genius, an inmensely loyal person, a good father and husband, an ethical and strong man who, in a sense, makes the Batman possible. And all of this in Gotham.
Where he shines the most IMHO: Not sure. He has been neglected too often in canon.
Special note: I was thinking about the comics version, not the movie one, but if you prefer the latter (because you like him more, or because finding enough comics canon about comics!Fox is near impossible), it's fine by me.