January 24th, 2006

cass, can you not

comics-buying majority: Whatever, dudes.

Took a look at the Top 100 selling comics in 2005 report linked in this post.

The bulk of my reaction: Holy shit, I'm *so* not a representative buyer, followed by and neither is my flist. The highest-selling issue I gave a damn about was Justice #1 (6th), followed by All Star Superman #1 (16th). All in all, I think I bought at most ten in the top hundred list, and the number is probably closer to five. And of those, *none* was in my WANNAWANNAWANNAWANNA drool list. No Legion, Planetary, Majestic, Cable/Deadpool, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, anything.

You could take out the hundred top selling issues in 2005, and my enjoyment of comics would have barely diminished, if at all (heck, I'd have missed on the bile of the things I positively hated, but that's something else).

*whistles* I know I'm not edgy in my comic tastes (DC, Wildstorm, the merest touch of Marvel), but I had thought I was much closer to the mainstream.

What the hell, I like my statistically unrepresentative flist way better. *g*
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