January 3rd, 2006

cass, can you not


JLA Classified 15. I love my shiny godlike JLA. Ellis writes badassery (human, posthuman, metahuman, nonhuman, whatever) like nobody else in the business. *Power wielded with intelligence and attitude*, dammit. Just like the early Authority, or Planetary when somebody gets pissy.

Also, nobody but Ellis should write Oracle working. Other writers are better at her personality, but, to understand the concept of what Oracle can be? Ellis is the closest thing we have to a Vinge or a Stross (spork it, he's probably the only well-known comics writer who has *read* Vinge or Stross). At this point of the 21st century, writing comics involving metahumans without a basic familiarity with the posthuman tradition in SF is, at best, dicey. Fanfic is different, it's mostly about the man/woman/thing behind the mask anyway, but insofar as comics describe their 'workdays', it *has* to be closer to SF than to bad opera *glares at DC*.

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