February 7th, 2005

cass, can you not

Worst Comics Week EVER

Maybe not. But this morning I finally got to read a bunch of relatively recent comics, and my (condensed) reaction to them is I woke up an hour and a half earlier to read this crap?! What's *wrong* with this industry?!?

Disclaimer: It might just be me having a bad day.
Disclaimer's Disclaimer: I just wrote that to be polite and cover my bases.
Disclaimer's Disclaimer's Disclaimer: I LOVE comics. I usually enjoy them. I'm a comic-loving person, a comic-loving *geek*. This is not a "comics are bad" rant. This is a "comics are good, what the heck is *this*?!" rant. I apologize if I diss your favorite comic - in a more lenient mood I'd find more things to like about these titles. I like them, more often than not.

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cass, can you not

A (the) reason to read the current Superman "arc"

Spoilerless post.

There's one guy (bad, good, I certainly lost track) who looks just like Jim Gordon would, had he been slightly more amoral and moved from the military to intelligence instead of police work. And that totally rocks my boat, because one of the things I dare the world to do is read Batman: Year One and Night Cries, look me in the eyes, and tell me that Jim Gordon isn't one scary motherfucker. The only reason he ever looks woobie is that we keep seeing him next to the World's Scariest Freak and the World's Most Lovable Neurotic Redhead.

Trust me. If you want to know how Jim Gordon would look if he cared a little less for Gotham and the law (a Jim Gordon without a family), pick up, say, Superman 213, 212, etc.

How crappy it is that to enjoy parts of the Superman arc I have to take them out of context, relabel the characters, and make up a new plot?
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