February 3rd, 2005

cass, can you not

The Babs/Tim Plot Bunny I'll Never Write

It'd go like this: Somebody crossed Tamaran sex pollen flowers with martian telepathic whatevers, and is using it on a simultaneous attack against the League, the Bats, the Birds, etc. Who was at the moment with whom would be of course a matter of how much wrong I'd choose to write, but Tim was coincidently at the plane, helping Babs upgrade her computer stuff, when the TELEPATHIC SEX POLLEN attacked.

And. While the whole DCU is humping each other?

They get very analytical and trace down the source, where Tim unleashes a whole Hell of deliberate violence, while he and Babs talk continuously and manipulatively about each other's neurosis, loves and obsessions.

Because, you see, that's what *really* gets them off.

I know, it's neither plotty nor porny, nor completely on character. But I do think that there couldn't be any Babs/Tim not beginning in their freaky, freaky brains (and with the participation of half a dozen ghosts, because Tim's *Robin* and there's *Bruce* and, and, and).

But why, you ask, should there be Babs/Tim? Don't look at me. I just follow the inscrutable exhortations of my soul.
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cass, can you not

Beta request. And it's for porn! (sorta)

The good things: It's porn(ish), it's Babs/Tim, and it's short (~740 words).

The bad things: It's my first porn(ish) fic, and I'm acutely aware of how easy it is to do this not only wrong or *wrong*, but *wrong in a bad way*. So, what I'm asking for is not only technical betaeing about, you know, character, language, plot, etc (though I need that too); I could really use somebody willing to tell me "Nonono and also no" at the whole idea. Really. Although I think this fic is quite mild by the standards around here, it's a bit of a jump for me, and I'm not confident at all about posting it.

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