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Ficlet: Necessary Evil (DC Comics, AU, PG13)

Title: Necessary Evil
Fandom: DC Comics, AU
Word Count: Almost two hundred.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me.
Summary: An alley. A mugging. You know the drill.
Notes: A bunny katarik and I discussed a couple of days ago.

The man interposed himself between the mugger and his daughter. "Please. We need the money."

The mugger smiled nastily. "I have expenses, too."

"And a job as a guard for the smuggling operation in the East End," said a man stepping out of the shadows. He was dressed in a black undertaker's suit and wore a black, vaguely bat-shaped domino mask. "Doing a bit of side business, Skippy Joe?"

"Boss! I..." The man gulped visibly. "No, sir. I was going to give you your cut. Honest."

"But you know that muggings are forbidden, Skippy Joe." The man's voice was inhumanly even and emotionless.

Skippy Joe had seen once what happened when the Boss spoke like that to somebody. He raised his gun as fast as he could.

The man in the black clothes was faster. Much, much faster.

Skippy Joe fell to the ground already dead.

"Th... thanks..." said the man still using himself as a shield for his daughter.

"Never thank me," said the man in the black clothes without looking at them. "I'm a criminal."

"I have to be," they heard as he melted into the shadows. There was a whisper of sadness in his voice.


A short reference note, just because:

Of course we are criminals. We have to be. --- Batman, The Dark Knight Returns.
Tags: bruce fic, fic
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