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Things I've written that I don't understand, either.

A Lex fragment that I couldn't turn into proper fic... or actually explain to myself what the hell was happening. PG13, as far as it goes.

From a hundred miles away he heard Luthor leaving flowers over the Kents' tombs. The wakes of his enraged flight destroyed patches of forest, and as he slammed the man against a nearby mausoleum he could hear his bones absorbing the shock.

"Leave them alone," he whispered as the fire from his eyes dried Luthor's lips.

"They were nice people," Luthor said. "Good humans. I don't know if I'd have had to kill them, had they been my parents."

The alien furrowed his brow, unconsciously lifting both of them a meter above the ground.

"If you had lived with my parents, do you think you'd have grown up to be the fake you are now?"

Tags: fic, incomplete fic, lex fic

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