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A Dexter fragment

A Dexter fragment I wrote for -and was much improved by the thoughtful commentaries of- sockich. It's quite incomplete; doesn't feel like a full fic, but perhaps as the beginning of one.

I'm having lunch with Judith. She is the new social assistant working
in the precinct. For some reason she seems to have taken me as some
sort of personal project.

I do that with people, too. But I'm not attempting to improve their lives.
I'm not attempting to improve anybody's life.

"Earth to Dexter?"

"Sorry, I was enjoying my food. This is a nice sandwich isn't it?"

She looks at me as if she could see inside me.

"You have to pretend a lot of the time, don't you?"

Where did that come from? I always knew somebody would ask me that
question, but I had assumed it'd be a cop, not somebody like Judith.

"'Pretend'? What do you mean?"

She puts her hand over mine. It feels like a tiny piece of warmed meat.

Everybody's hands do.

"Emotions. You are always feeling too much, aren't you?"

I'm so surprised that I remain speechless for a few
seconds. Feeling too much is not a term I'd use to describe

"It's alright," she says, pulling back her hand and smiling to her
sandwich. "These things take time."

I have no idea of what she is talking about, but I nod
seriously and keep eating.
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