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Ficlet: Of clothes and enterprises (DC, AU, PG13)

Not an AU as much as an Unlikely Universe. Not because there is much reason for this to happen, but because there wasn't reason for the *other* thing to happen. So there.

"Go home."

"Bite me."

"You have no right to wear that uniform."

"*Bite* *me*, Batman. I wasn't asking your opinion."

"I condoned your time as Catwoman out of respect for her judgment, not yours. And you are doing nothing to make me change my mind. Go home, Holly."


"I already have a Robin."

"I'm not doing this for you, moron, I'm doing it for her."

"I don't see what Selina has to do with..."

"You are an asshole, you know? No wonder you let her die."

"...Go home."

"I am home."

The brightly clad girl dove from the rooftop into the dark alleys below, and the man watching her wondered when Robin had ceased to be his decision to make.

If it had ever been.
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