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ficlet: Of snakes and birds (PG13, DC AU)

Title: Of snakes and birds
Rating: PG13
Author Notes: Utterly senseless if you haven't read this silly pseudohaiku before. Inspired by katarik, as usual.

With hindsight, training and Shiva's idea of education, Dinah had realized that Ollie had been wrong about everything. About why Dinah had been with him and about why Dinah had left him. Dinah herself hadn't known why.

Now she knew that there was no reason for an arrow's path but the place where it hit.

No reason for her life but to reach this place, this murmuring temple where a blind, naked woman walked through the sound as if she were enjoying her favorite garden.

"You shall enter the Snake Queen's temple, Black Canary" Shiva had said, "and only one of you will survive the encounter."

Dinah had bowed and accepted her words. Not out of obedience, because neither of them cared for that, but out of experience. Shiva never spoke idly.

Now they were circling each other, the Snake Queen smiling through the red hairs that fell over her face. Dinah realized that the soft sounds that echoed through the temple were information feeds, hundreds of voices, human and otherwise, changing and shifting, perhaps at the Snake Queen's subtle commands.

If there were sensors in the temple, if they were hooked to the sounds... Dinah was the blind one here.

The Queen cocked her head to one side, clearly choosing to let Dinah know that she was listening to something in particular.

"What is that?," asked Dinah. "My heart?"

"I hear Oliver Queen speaking," said the Queen, "although it's nothing I particularly care to know. I hear evil plans hatching in far away cities, and the rumble of wars, and silent places that speak to me of death. I hear. And know. But I can't change."

The Queen walked toward Dinah with the speed and grace that Shiva had taught them they could seize for themselves.

"Be my hands, Dinah Lance." She touched Dinah's cheek. "I've listened to your words and thoughts and..." she sounded almost vulnerable now, in a way that made Dinah shiver. Nobody Shiva-taught could sound like that, not with the truth written in every muscle and movement, without willing herself to. "I love you. Be my consort." It wasn't an order, and it wasn't a request.

It was prophecy.

Dinah didn't ask why. She looked inside herself and answered with the truth she saw in there.


Then she realized that Shiva had been right, of course. The Black Canary was dead. Shiva's apprentice wouldn't leave this temple.

A black mamba would.

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