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Five things: Five villains Tim Drake never worked with, even in Timfinity

Five villains Tim Drake never worked with, even in Timfinity, requested by katarik

Disclaimer: I did a quick check of the Timfinity archive and LJ comm, my apologies if I'm accidentally replicating a premise.

Young Timothy Drake watched from across the chasm as his "mentor" fell to a certain death. The most basic of loyalties would impel him to see that his killer, now leaving the scene, met his punishment.

Drake smiled thinly. He owed no loyalty to the man who had used him as an spy, messenger, depraved gift and, twice, as an assassin. He had done his job, pocketed his pay and learned what he could, which had been much.

Now that Moriarty was dead it was time to start business on his own.

* * *

I will not shoot, he thought, and smelled the powder.

The Joker laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and it was him and laughed and laughed

* * *

He's about eighty five percent sure that Tao's plans are, objectively and despite the entity's capabilities for behavior manipulation, the most logical way to achieve long-term global stability. That's enough to warrant working for him.

It's not enough to let him sleep easily at night, but he's too busy anyway.

* * *

"All I'm saying is that raising their food rations will improve factory productivity, which we need to accelerate our weapons upgrade cycle."

"What you propose is impiety! Weakness! Degradation! Their wretchedness is their tribute! You..."

"Pay attention to the human cub, Desaad. Strength is the only definition of the sacred."

"As your will rules, glorious Darkseid."

* * *

He'd have gone with his parents to the circus, but he was too close to finally breaking into LexCorp's inner databases, so he faked an illness and stayed at home.

He knew the Flying Graysons were supposed to be awe-inspiring, but Tim realized it had been worth missing them when the Brainiac code started talking to him.

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