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SG-1/SGA ficlet: High Ground

Post-"Common Ground" and "Counterstrike." PG13, because ratings are silly like that. Short, because I'm lazy and don't really want to go there anyway.

The hyperspace tunnel opened over the blue planet, leaving the mighty Ori fleet at Earth's doorstep. A thousand planets' worth of warriors bowed, awaiting for the Orici to give her command.

A floating stargate orbited into view from behind the Earth's moon just as it was being dialed.

A dart passed through. Then another. And another.

They kept coming for hours.

"They are all ours to cull, is that right?"

"Anybody who bows to them is yours. That's the deal."

"We have... a deal, Colonel Sheppard."

Tags: fic, sg-1 fic, sga fic

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