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Five things that would be awesome...

... for very specific values of "awesome."

  • Plan 9 from Outer Space fanfic (slash, OT3, darkfic... the possibilities are endless)

  • A computer game where you play Lucius Fox and have to run that insanely complex company in the face of foul play, President Luthor's interference, earthquakes, kidnappings, and your obsessed CEO stealing cool technology from your labs all the time for That Thing You Are Not Supposed To Know About, As If You Were Some Sort Of Blind, Deaf and Stupid Person In A Coma in Mongolia.

  • Some way to add extra caffeine to my favorite vanilla-flavored black tea without affecting its flavor. Something not sugary with a sugar-like short term pickup effect would be nice, too.

  • A Cassandra Cain movie, but one produced and filmed somewhere in Asia, as a noir/terror/martial arts mix not changing a bit of her past, but without introducing any other DC characters than Cass, Cain, Shiva and maybe a blonde american girl who ends up as her sidekick. Jackie Chan as the wacky comic relief.

  • Software that is half as useful as the things they were talking about in the '60s and '70s. We are using great computers to run buggy software that does the wrong things for the wrong reasons.


  • A Batman mini by Charlie Stross. Although that'd take him away from writing other things, so that's a mixed thing.

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