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ficlet: Long bad dreams (SGA, PG13)

I shouldn't. But for reasons unrelated to fandom, and through nobody's fault but mine, I'm feeling lonely, hurt and pissed off with myself right now. Could use talking with a friend, but the person I'd usually call... alas, that's the rub.

In other words, the *perfect* mood to write an impromptu SGA runner ficlet.

Title: Long bad dreams
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Cf. my emoting above. The chances of this being a happy fic? Not good.

He sleeps through the nightmares. He doesn't move or make a sound as the Wraith kill everybody; he doesn't even wake up when they make a circle around him in his dream, as he desperately searches through the bodies of his fallen comrades for a grenade, a gun, anything. They had spent everything.

And it hadn't been enough.

The dream always skips over to his first run. Naked, cold, he had waited in a forest clearing for the young Wraith to find him, not making any attempt to escape. When the Wraith jumped over him, contemptuous and hungry, he took a long knife he had hidden between the leaves and slashed the Wraith's throat in mid air.

It had been a nearly suicidal plan. Nearly.

He had shrugged and moved on. There'd be other Wraith.

John only wakes up when his instincts tell him that it's time to get moving again.

Tags: fic, sga fic

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