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fic: Circus Night

You'd have written this, too. Not as head-hurty as the previous one, but it was an unavoidable coda.

Title: Circus night
Rating: PG13
Summary: The Flying Graysons are in town.
Author notes: AU. A sequel to The other side of the joke

The Flying Graysons commanded the fascinated attention of everybody in the audience. They were flying, twisting and dancing in the air more gracefully than any metahuman ever captured on camera. Gravity is an illusion, seemed to say their bodies. And death is a bad joke, counterpointed their smiles.

Somebody screamed, darkly and gutturally. Everybody turned around in their seats and saw two men drawing long-barreled guns from their coats, themselves turning toward the source of the awful, cold scream.

A young man with jet-black hair, a leather jacket and a gun in each hand.

By the time their brains told them the reason of their sudden terror, the young man had put a bullet in each hitmen's head. When the bodies fell to the ground he nodded to the Graysons -grouped on a high platform around their son-, pocketed his guns and calmly walked out of the circus tent.

People started screaming a few seconds later. By the time the police could track the young man, he had broken again *into* his cell in Arkham.

As usual, he was sitting cross-legged in the shadows, but if you looked from the right angle, you could almost swear he had been smiling a second ago.

There was a poster of the Flying Graysons on a wall.


In this world, Dick will grow up happy, well-balanced and fulfilled. And stalked for years by Tim, who will never have his mind fucked up by anybody but himself. In this world, Barbara will never be shot, although Gordon's hate of Bruce won't be swayed by this fact, because he will never know that it could have happened.

All it took was for Bruce to start killing.

In this world, Jason will live in the streets, join a gang, *lead* that gang, and perhaps be killed on one of Bruce's John Woo-ish shootings. In this world, Stephanie Brown is an orphan, and has sworn to kill Bruce in revenge.

All it took was for Bruce to start killing.

Leslie still hasn't forgiven Alfred for taking so long to betray Bruce.

Bruce still has nightmares every night, but he's the protagonist of them.
Tags: bruce fic, fic, gotham fic, othersideverse
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