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Well, yes, I *am* fickle

After freaking out about last week's crop of comics, I went to the comic store and picked up more (still just newish, this being Argentina). Open-mindness is the key to finding new kinks.

And, yes, I did.

Wonder Woman 212

This issue can be clearly separated in three parts: a test/fight between the JLA and Diana, the funeral for those dead during her battle with Circe at the embassy, and some squabbles in the Olympus eventually involving her.

I'm not inolved enough with the gods to care much for this last part; my reaction to it went just far enough to fall in love with Athena. Her looks, her scheming, her library (yes, I'm a freak, but I'm ok with that).

That was for me the shallow part of the book. But the other two! They were about Diana facing the consequences of her actions with little drama and eminent practicality. That's both important and necessary, and if she's being characterized like this consistently, I'm going to have to raise her quite a few notches in my estimation.

Don't get me wrong - I never underestimated Diana for being a woman. She can deck Superman. Rather, I made the mistake of overestimating her own mythical origins against her fundamental professionalism.

Case in point: the fight against the JLA, and how she has adapted herself to fight despite her current limitations - how both she and Batman share a terrifyingly practical and unflinching vision of their jobs. If the Clark/Diana fight on Superman 211 (I think) was gorgeous, the fight here shows that, no matter how powerful Superman can be, Diana is the warrior or the League. I do wish they could show her like this on the rest of the titles.

As for the second part, the funeral, while it was understated, it was nice that they showed her having a... balanced response to the whole thing. They didn't shrug the dead off, nor had her dissolve in a drama fit (I'm looking at *you*, Bruce). She got sad. She coped. She keeps working.

She's an adult in this title, damnit. I might have to keep buying it, if for nothing else.

Legion of Super-Heroes 2
Yes. Yes. Yes. In the name of everything holy, why wasn't I buying this book before?!

It has science-fiction. How it is to be a precog, always sort of fuzzy about what *is* the present? "Sorry. You know how I get. I thought we already beat this guy." Yikes! Paul Atreides vibe!

It has snark. Tons, tons, tons of snark. Everybody seems to be a smartmouth in this title, but in an understated, classy way. Yes, including goats. No quotes, I'd have to retype the script.

It has bigger-than-life threats, both present and future, both external and internal. Galaxy-spanning dangers.

And galactic-sized *people*. Brainiac, who is both terrifyingly smart and endearingly neurotic (plus he has a *plan* to take over the galaxy, and from what we hear, he's not going to be discounted as just another bad guy or mind-controlled dupe, so *YES* I have hopes they'll deal with this in a NOT PARALLALAXY-WAY). Cosmic Boy, who comes off as a *leader* in, what, ten panels or less? Dream Girl, both scarily powerful and endlessly cute. Karate Kid, Element Lad, Shadow Lass, a trio whose improbable names are only matched by their improbably *chemistry*.

And Dream Girl's parting shot... *happy sigh*

These people are as dangerous and edgy as the Outsiders. But, you know, not disfunctional. Much. And they do stuff. And their banter is funny.

Like I needed a new title, dammit.

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