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T is for Ted

Still silly. Will make no sense if you haven't read K is for Kon first.

A seldom-known ability of most people in the superhero set was the capacity to snark, run and avoid being hit with weird energy weapons at the same time.

"Look, it's obviously impossible!"

"What's so impossible about it? You were shot in the head!"

"We are talking. That's why it's impossible! Dead people don't talk."

"Dude, ever seen Secret? She's pretty dead, and can talk alright"

"That's a psychic effect, that's all. When you are dead nothing happens - it's basic science."

"So we are just, what? Having an hallucination?"

"Maybe. Maybe we were transported to another dimension, or at least another planet. As soon as the sun sets I'll try to identify our position from the star pattern."

"Can you teach me to do that?"

"Sure. It's basic maths."

"On second thoughts, just forget it."

The person running ahead of them yelled. "Superboy, Blue Beetle, stop bitching and keep running! We have to stay ahead of the guys with the ugly hats and the lasers!"

"Man, are all Robins that bossy?"

"You have no idea, dude."

Tags: dcu abc, fic, kon fic, suggest-a-thon fic, ted fic
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