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K is for Kon

Warning: This will look a lot crackier than it really is, unless you've read Superman: Where Is Thy Sting?.

Flaming swords. Weird balls of lighting. Things sharp enough to cut him. The guy who had introduced himself as 'Zauriel' and the ones who dressed like the statues in Superman's Fortress were having a heck of a battle. Kon was cool with battles, but they seemed to think that the winner got to keep *him*, or his soul, or whatever, and that wasn't cool at all.

He'd just get out of these chains in a second, kick everybody's asses, and then figure out a way to go back home. Just a second, just...

"Fuck," he muttered. "Where's Robin when you need somebody to pick a lock for you?"

A female voice sounded right behind next to his ear. "I'm right here, Superboy. Just keep still for a second while I do the 'Robin rescues the hapless meta' thing."

"You are not..." Kon swallowed the end of that phrase. If she could get him out of here, she was a Robin alright.

Just not his favorite one.

Tags: dcu abc, fic, kon fic, suggest-a-thon fic
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