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drabble: Sex, Videos and Alvin's life.

A fic fragment that wasn't going where I wanted it to go, but maybe it works as a drabble on its own.

Set during the early YJ period, hence their relative lack of closeness (and the use of code names instead of first names).

It had been Superboy's idea. Robin went along with Superboy's ideas more often, with hindsight, that he should.

In fact, he was usually aware at the moment when one of Superboy's ideas would lead, one way or another, to disaster. Impulse's enthusiastic approval was the clearest of the many signs he had identified.

And yet... here they were again, implementing one of Superboy's "plans": a guys-only, superhero-bonding, "for-justice" video-porn-a-thon.

"Video-porn-a-thon" had been Superboy's exact term for it, too.

So far, it had gone as well as could have been expected. Superboy had kept talking through most of the movie (in Robin's assessment, to mask his unfamiliarity with the material). Playing straight man to his comments (and it was a good thing that he hadn't used that expression aloud in this particular context) had allowed Robin to, well, deal with the boredom. His own training had involved a carefully organized module designed to familiarize him with the things he could conceivably meet during his job, and as his job involved patrolling Gotham at night, it had been a very complete module.

It had also been one of the few things he had never felt the slightest interest on talking about with his predecessor. Or, for that matter, with anybody. He had avoided Alfred for two weeks after completing it, just on account of general embarrassment, and he suspect Bruce had avoided him during the same period as much as efficiency would allow.

It was par for the course.
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