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G is for Green Lantern

PG13. Toonverse again. Sort of AU, but clearly one of the ways in which the JL season arc could have gone.

When his old commander requests his help on an unspecified matter, John is enough of a Marine to meet him in a nondescript patch of desert without asking too many questions.

When Amanda Waller is also there waiting for him, he is enough of a JLA core member not to bother to feign surprise.

"What do you need, Colonel?"

Waller answers instead of him - another reason why John doesn't like her. "I assume you are aware of the recent situation with the so-called Lorders, Stewart."

He doesn't shrug, but his ramrod posture gives every impression that if he were another kind of man, he would. "They were deluded versions. We beat them. Case closed."

"Really? That's not what my intel has told me. You only won at the end because their Batman betrayed them; if and when you go wrong this time, you won't make the mistake of trusting him."

"It won't happen. The League will not betray the trust of the world. I won't let them."

"Excuse me if I have my doubts about the loyalty of a man who works for both an unsanctioned metahuman organization and an alien 'police force' of dubious reputation, soldier. When it comes down to taking a side, we are just wondering which one you and that piece of weaponry in your finger will choose."

John covers himself with the light of his ring and starts rising slowly. "The right one." Then he picks up speed and leaves them in a green flash.

"He was a Marine, Director Waller," said the Colonel looking at the night sky. "Questioning his loyalty to the country might be just the thing that puts it in jeopardy."

"The only way to test something is to stress it, Colonel, and I don't like the sounds this one made under pressure. Reactivate codename Yellow Ring."

Tags: dcu abc, fic, gl fic, suggest-a-thon fic, waller fic
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