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F is for Flash

PG13. Toonverse Flash, so I kind of cheated. Absolutely plot-free.

Radio hosts call it the quiet, most often the few contrarian ones who are anti-Flash. "We've got quiet," they say fake-cheerfully when Flash is off-planet with the League, "let's all enjoy it as long as we can."

Most of the people aren't so happy about it. Flash can't be everywhere at once (well, technically he could), but both the police department and the citizens feel a little bit safer when somewhere in the city there is a goofy guy in a red suit who can outrun bullets and walk on water.

He's no Superman, but the people of the city doesn't care. He's theirs, silly sense of humor and all, and when he isn't at hand... Well, they worry.

I mean, he could get hurt out there.

Nobody says a word, of course. But he gets free coffee every time he comes back, while usually they try to keep him away from the stuff. It's how they say "welcome back". He drinks all the coffee -ten to fifteen cups in as many places- and all day everybody can hear the background buzz.

That's how they know things are all right.

Tags: dcu abc, fic, flash fic, suggest-a-thon fic
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