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D is for Doctor Leslie Thompkins

DC has helpfully retconned at least *that* horrible, stupid, OOC nightmare, so this is PG13, but not AU.

She has treated dying soldiers being literally carried by the cartful from dusty villages that barely deserved the name but were too full of innocents to be called battlefields. She has performed delicate life-saving surgeries on stoned gang members while a boy barely of fifteen and very high on meth was pushing a gun barrel against her temple. She has pulled enough knifes from his dear friend's son to forge swords, extracted enough fragments of swords to forge an armor, cut away enough kevlar armor to make shrouds for entire families, seen a man who as a boy lost his family to the violence of the streets pull around himself a new family, only to send them to face that same violence.

Yet this is the first time her hands have ever shook. She has opened Brown's too-young body, and the internal damage chills her trained mind even more than the more visible abuse. Whoever did this knew what he or she was doing, and Leslie's mind recoils from the image of knowledge and skill applied in this way.

She knows that even if she survives it, there is a lot of pain waiting for Stephanie Brown. Her recovery would be long and painful, and only the experiences of regular miracles of will performed by Bruce and his "troops" make Leslie consider that it could be anything close to complete. If it were, of course, it'd only mean that she'd be back in this clinic weeks or months afterward, with another knife or bullet or venom in her body.

For a second, there is an horrible temptation shaking her hand. Save Stephanie from the pain. Let her go away in the relative peace of the drugs she gave her, let her rest. Then maybe even Bruce would see what he was doing. Maybe Stephanie's death would prevent further pain not only for her, but for many other brave, deluded boys. Including Bruce.

Shaking her head to erase the horrible vision of what she had almost contemplated doing, Leslie noticed that her hands had continued her job while her soul had been momentarily led astray by her heart. Grinning at her own weakness, she focused on completing the job.

Stephanie died anyway a few hours later.

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